How does purple/violet clothing, jewelry, and accessories impact the way others perceive you?

Did you know that the color of clothing, jewelry and accessories can have a profound effect on how you and others feel? Wearing the right colors can make you feel happy while wearing the wrong colors can have the opposite effect.

How does purple/violet clothing, jewelry and accessories impact the way others perceive you?

  • Purple/Violet is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
  • Purple/Violet relates to imagination, spirituality and inspires high ideals.
  • Purple/Violet inspires deeper thought.
  • Purple/Violet expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness.
  • Purple/Violet is associated with transformation of the soul.
  • Purple/Violet represents the future and dreams.
  • Purple/Violet promote harmony, mental balance and stability.
  • Purple/Violet inspires selfless love, sensitivity and compassion.
  • Purple/Violet is associated with creative pursuits, inspiration and originality.
  • Purple/Violet has a richness that demands respect.
  • Purple/Violet can promote or aggravate depression, should be used carefully and in limited amounts.
  • Purple/Violet is associated with royalty – symbolizing power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
  • Purple/Violet inspires original and sound ideas.
  • Purple/Violet stimulates deeper subconscious thought.

If you love purple/violet clothing, jewelry and accessories you will find yourself in this description.

  • You are compassionate kind and have a love for humanity.
  • You use your better judgment to do good for others.
  • You are ambitious and self-assured, the leader.
  • You exudes a quiet modest form of dignity which is often appealing to others.
  • You are passionate, like red, but inclined to display it in private only.
  • You are unconventional, individual and original.
  • You are unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd.
  • You hate to copy anyone else and enjoy doing your own thing.

Variations of the Color Purple/Violet

  • Lavender has a fragility, sensitivity and vulnerability to it. It is romantic and inspires nostalgic feelings.
  • Lilac implies immaturity, superficiality and youthfulness. It is extroverted and enthusiastic, inspiring glamour, romance and vanity.
  • Mauve is concerned for justice to be done and always does the right thing. On the other hand, it can indicate a degree of commonness, the social climber aspiring to higher ideals.
  • Plum is honorable and linked to family traditions.
  • Dark purple is related to higher spiritual attainment but can also be associated with gloom, sad feelings and frustration.

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