Manage your work-life balance, choose when to work and when to play.




You have the flexibility to juggle family and other commitments. If your child is sick, you don’t need to call the office to ask to take the day off. You simply don’t do as much work, if any, that day while at home.



Accessories You’ll Be Proud Of.

You’ll be so proud to share your business while helping others look amazing. The accessories are high quality and come in so many colors and styles.



Be Your Own Boss

Owning your own business you get to be your own boss! You don’t have anyone to report to or try to impress but yourself.




Freedom to do and go where you want to. Your Paparazzi Accessories business can go where you go. You’re not tied to a physical office or a brick and mortar store.




Becoming a part of a diverse, relational community of like-minded women is one of the most life-enhancing surprises of joining Paparazzi Accessories. Your circle of new friends grows when you share a common passion, swap stories, and learn from each other’s experiences.



Very Affordable

Paparazzi Accessories start up costs is very affordable and the products are something you can sell and be proud to stand not just behind, but next to.



Family and Friends

You can spend time with Family and Friends? You schedule your work around your activities.! You can involve your whole family in your Paparazzi Accessories business. They can help you set up displays at parties, hand out invitations, run Fair, Festival and Community Events with you. Thus not only spending quality time with them, they will learn good work ethics as well!.



Generate Income

Generate income with Paparazzi Accessories to support your lifestyle and/or family commitments. Such as, monthly bills, children’s sports, vacations, etc..




Challenge yourself – use your skills, talents and education to experience a sense of accomplishment and pride in your achievements.


If you are interested in having your own Paparazzi Accessories business, I would be so happy to help you start your business and have you join my team. I would love to share information to help you grow your business and be a success. Feel free to email me with any questions at lzcarter@sistersjewelrychest.com. I will get back to you ASAP.


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