Paparazzi Accessories is a home-based business, which specializes in bringing fashionable and affordable accessories to people everywhere.

Sisters, Misty and Chani, started by looking for something fun to do together. On a whim, they did a few fashion accessory booths at local shows and expos. These shows were very successful and profitable.

While doing these shows, they noticed:


  • The boost in self-confidence that their customers had when they were trying on and buying their jewelry.
  • Their show booths were packed with women excited to feel fashionable again, and without feeling guilty over the price.
  • A huge demand for their products and many repeat customers.

They saw the impact they were making in the lives of these women as they would purchase their fashionable jewelry. From that, the general concept of fashionable $5 accessories was started. They then turned to their manufacturing relationships and began production with their individually designed accessories. With that, the brand of Paparazzi was born and their husbands jumped on-board.

Many others saw the demand and profitability of selling Paparazzi Accessories and wanted to get involved as well. Reselling these accessories started to change the financial lives of many more families as they began to make very comfortable livings while working the hours that they chose. Paparazzi Accessories became an official Direct Sales Company in December of 2010 with a goal and mission to bring self-confidence, empowerment, and independence to women and families.


They do this by:

  • Offering women an affordable option to be fashionable and feel great.
  • Offering a real home-based business opportunity.
  • Offering future financial independence through the residual commissions.


Paparazzi Accessories’ necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and lanyards are:


  • Trendy, fashionable and one-of-a-kind with original designs.
  • Exceptional quality.
  • Lead and nickel free.
  • Every color.
  • Simple to extravagant.
  • Inventory constantly changing, people buy it when they see it.
  • Manufactured in facilities with elite standards for labor and quality.
  • Must be purchased exclusively through Paparazzi consultants.
  • Inventory sold to the customer on the spot. No catalogues, orders or home deliveries.
  • Affordable to anyone for just $5.



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