Extenders for Necklaces and Bracelets

Do you need a longer necklace and want to use a shorter necklace you love? Do you want to customize a bracelet or use a bracelet as an anklet? Have you tried to guess what size a choker or bracelet needs to be for a gift? Jewelry Extenders are the simple answer to these dilemmas, and are simple to use. Jewelry Extenders add versatility to your existing jewelry collection by converting your favorite short necklace into a long one. Jewelry Extenders provide for a perfect fit of your necklaces, bracelets, or anklets by making them more adjustable in length.
Jewelry Extenders are available in a variety of beautiful colors to match the finish of your jewelry and are available in many lengths.
Select the Jewelry Extenders length and color you need. Connect the Jewelry Extender’s lobster clasp to your jewelry’s chain. Then connect your jewelry’s clasp to any link you like on the Jewelry Extenders.
Make sure you’re prepared to adapt your jewelry in new and creative ways with Jewelry Extenders.

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