Double-Sided Earrings

double sided earrings  

Nothing makes an outfit pop like adding the perfect accessories, and right now it’s all about statement jewelry. When it comes to statement jewelry, ears are attracting attention. By replacing the traditional post earrings with double-sided earrings , even the simplest studs become statement pieces.

Double-sided earrings are more edgy than regular studs by covering both sides of the earlobe. Instead of more traditional post earrings, double-sided earrings have two standout pieces that are attached on both sides of the earlobe. This is what gives them a signature look that’s more gripping than standard post earrings. Double-sided earrings look great from all angles, and the options are endless.

Available in different patterns, this new trend is taking off and is being loved by one and all. They make anyone’s personal style look instantly in vogue. Double-sided earring can add the perfect finishing touch to styles as simple a T-shirt and pair of jeans or dressed to impress.

How do you pull off the double-sided look? Pull your hair back, so the Double-sided earrings can be admired from every angle.

The long-lasting potential of this trend is it’s best part and there is a style for everyone.

You can see some Double-sided earrings by clicking here.

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