Building Your Jewelry Chest

In every jewelry chest, there are some tried-and-true classically chic pieces every woman should own. With these primary jewelry pieces, you’ll look stylish on every occasion. These classically chic pieces include Bangle Bracelets, a Gemstone Ring, Pendant Necklace, Classic Stud Earrings, and a Pearl Style Necklaces. When purchasing jewelry, buy what you love, but also think versatility so you get the most out of your investment.

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Bangle Bracelets:

Bangles are a great way to express your personality. smooth and shimmery diamond-cut textures, mismatched gold and silver bangles stack across the wrist for a look to suit your mood — you’ll never have too many bangles in your jewelry chest.

There are hundreds of bangle styles to choose from and they come in a variety of materials and widths. Bangles typically are slip-on but can be hinged. Wide, bold cuffs make a statement on their own. Pair a variety of bangles to suit your taste.

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Gemstone Rings:

These bold, oversized gemstone rings, have been gracing stylish hands at formal and casual gatherings for decades. Also known a cocktail rings, they add dramatic color and style without breaking the bank. For this style ring, the central gemstone is the main attraction.


Pendant Necklaces:

Pendant Necklaces look great with whatever you’re wearing, from a business suit to casual jeans. Pendants Necklaces can consist of a stunning solitaire charm or gemstone featuring icons, letters, numbers or symbols.

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Classic Stud Earrings:

These are perhaps the most versatile earrings you’ll own. Classic Stud Earrings complement practically anything you pair them with, and the simplicity of studs make them the ideal match for busy necklaces or necklines. They’re available in different metals and settings.


Pearl Style Necklaces:

Pearl style necklaces are a classic, refined accessory for any jewelry chest and can be worn for business or fun. They come in single or cluster styles, and a large variety of lengths. This classic necklaces can include a pearl pendant or pearls evenly spaced around a chain.

These tried-and-true classically chic pieces are fantastic building blocks for your growing jewelry chest but ii’s only a starting point. You have hundreds of jewelry choices within each category that reflect your individuality. But the most important requirement is to have fun.

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